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Public Meeting Feedback

Thank you for attending the public meeting hosted by the NRC. In order to help us understand your views about the meeting and improve future meetings, please take a couple minutes to answer the following questions.

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Meeting Information

Meeting info
Second Pre-Application for Model No. TN-EAGLE Transportation Package

Meeting Feedback

Please address the following statements in terms of your experience at the meeting. 1 is "Strongly Disagree" and 5 is "Strongly Agree".

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree    Strongly Agree
1. The meeting achieved its stated purpose.
2. This meeting helped me to understand the topics discussed.
3. The meeting location, starting time, and duration were reasonably convenient.
4. The meeting facility, room set up, microphones, and visuals used contributed to the success of the meeting.
5. Attendees were given sufficient opportunity to ask questions or express their views.
6. Attendees were listened to and understood by NRC staff.
7. The presentations and explanations given by the NRC staff were understandable, fair, and balanced.
8. I am satisfied with the NRC staff who participated in the meeting.

Optional Contact Information

OMB CONTROL NUMBER: 3150-0217 (expires: 12/31/2019).

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